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The Advantages of Polyester Fabric

The Advantages of Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric has come a long way; today it is flexible to perform for tough work uniforms.

Polyester is a fabric we see and experience in daily life. From seatbelts to upholstered furniture to leisure clothing, it is a well-known and versatile material. If you are looking for new and improved uniforms, you can find 100% polyester and polyester-blend options. From innovative beginnings to today, the advantages of polyester fabric shine brighter than ever before.

History of Polyester Fabric

W.H. Carothers found polyester fiber when working at DuPont in the mid-1930s. Although successful, he soon shelved the invention when he discovered nylon. In 1939, John Winfield, James Dickson, W.K. Birtwhistle, and C.G. Ritchie picked up where Carothers left off and patented Terylene polyester. In the following decade, DuPont purchased the rights and developed Dacron and Mylar polyester.

In the early 1950s, the American public saw polyester as an innovative fabric that did away with many of the hassles of other materials. Polyester did not require ironing and could look fresh after many days of wear. 

By the late 1960s, people grew to dislike the double-knit polyester clothing that crowded the racks. Polyester fabric declined in popularity over the 70s but began to make a comeback when figures such as Calvin Klein featured polyester product lines. Along with the new fashion, the technology of polyester broke new ground in forming the comfortable threads and weaves we enjoy today. 



Polyester is highly durable and can withstand much wear and tear without much maintenance. It bounces back into shape after stretching, can hold specific shapes such as pleats for long periods, and is highly wrinkle-resistant.


Polyester is also moisture-wicking, meaning that it uses capillary motion to draw sweat from the body through the woven fabric so that it can evaporate. Today’s technology makes polyester the choice fabric for staying cool and removing moisture with its specially-designed weaves.


One can find different levels of water-repelling polyesters, such as weather-proof, water-resistant, and waterproof. Each of these designs will give varying levels of durability against rain, snow, etc. No matter what type it is, polyester dries quickly.


Polyester can easily blend with other fabrics to take advantage of the best qualities of multiple materials. For example, Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental distributes uniform options with a polyester-cotton blend. The wearer can enjoy the many advantages of polyester listed above, plus the natural qualities of cotton. 

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