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How Many Uniforms Should Your Staff Have?

How Many Uniforms Should Your Staff Have?

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There are many factors to organizing the logistics of your employees’ workwear. For starters, one must think about the fabric, the fit, and any regulations. An employer must also consider uniform branding, such as the colors and the company logo. Yet another factor is how many uniforms each staff member should have. This question involves your industry, uniform cleaning strategy, and your budget. 

How Many Uniforms Per Employee?

The number of uniforms each employee has depends on numerous factors, as mentioned above. For work uniforms that fall into the category of everyday attire, it is best for each person to have at least one uniform set per day. For example, if your contracting company employees work five days a week, each one may have five uniforms. If you have employees with variable schedules, they could have as many uniforms as the maximum days per week they work. This strategy is especially helpful if you use a professional cleaning service rather than let employees wash uniforms at home.

Industry Considerations

Keep in mind that not all uniforms are created the same. Some uniforms, such as high-visibility garments, may need cleaning less often because they are outer garments similar to a vest or jacket. They are less likely to get as dirty as shirts and pants, so one can wear each one multiple times before washing is required. Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental can give you knowledgeable advice on each type of uniform’s care and cleaning needs.

Uniform Cleaning Service & Your Budget

How many uniforms you purchase or rent per employee depends partly on your uniform cleaning method and your budget. One can see that they are inextricably connected. A good example is a full-time staff that wears five uniforms a week and washes clothes through a professional cleaning service once a week. If the employees had fewer uniforms, they would need to wash them twice a week. More frequent washing can wear out clothing faster, meaning one would have to replace uniforms more often. Having enough uniforms for the week with only one washing per week can actually save your company money. If you need a trusted uniform rental and cleaning service near you, contact Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental!

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