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Lord Baltimore Uniform, Uniform Supply Service, Baltimore, MD


Green Initiatives

clothing Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental understands the importance of being a good steward of our environment and protecting our natural resources. These are not just words to us; it is an example we set everyday through the following business practices.

  • We Recycle: Cardboard, Hangers, Metal, Oil, Garments, Linen, Mats
  • Wastewater Handling: We use an oil skimmer and sediment separator to improve the quality of our wastewater.
  • We Use: Water conservation practices, environmentally friendly detergents and low energy fluorescent lighting.
  • We Offer: Paperless billing option.

ace-roto-moldOur core business is providing and servicing reusable textiles. Our garments, towels, mats, linens, etc are used by our customers, serviced by us and returned to our customers weekly for reuse. Discontinued items are re-stocked by us for reuse at a later time.

Our Customers reduce energy use, chemical use, water use and solid waste by using our products and services, making textile rental an excellent choice for those seeking LEED Building Certification, or other green certifications or those simply interested in being as environmentally responsible as possible.