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Microfiber Mops / Towels

What is Microfiber?

An ultra fine fiber split 16 times for superior cleaning.

Why does my facility need to use microfiber?

  • Removes bacteria, even without chemicals
  • Most effective product on the market today for cleaning
  • It’s what’s best for your staff patients

Why is microfiber better?

  • Microfiber traps and holds dirt and bacteria, whereas traditional products do not

The Lord Baltimore Uniform Infection Control Program

On a regular schedule, Lord Baltimore Uniform will pick up soiled product, professionally launder and return microfiber products designed especially for:

Wet Mopping

  • Color coded wet pads

Dust Mopping

  • 100% microfiber dust mops

Surface Dusting

  • Cloths for all purpose cleaning
  • Cloths designed specifically for glass and mirrors
  • High dusters for overhead cleaning
  • Mitts for general purpose cleaning
  • Handles, hardware and buckets


  • Disposable mop for large spills and cleaning in acute care areas such as OR, ER, labor and delivery


  • We will train your staff in the proper use of microfiber products

Why should you be interested in infection control?

  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports two million hospital patients acquire an infection while being treated on an annual basis. And even 80,000 patients die from complications resulting from infection.
  • The CDC estimates that up to one-third of infections acquired in health care settings are preventable through infection control.
  • The CDC reports that hospital infections cost the American public nearly $5 billion in healthcare costs each year.

What are the benefits of the Lord Baltimore Uniform infection control system?

  • Provide superior products for cleaning
  • Eliminate cross contamination from mopping
  • Remove as much bacteria as possible in an efficient and cost effective manner

Results are all that matter!

A study on microfiber product use by the University of California Davis Medical center found:

  • Elimination of room-to-room cross contamination
  • 95% reduction in costs associated with mopping
  • 20% labor savings
  • Reduction in workers comp claims

A study by the Royal Roads University in Vancouver, British Columbia found:

  • Microfiber products used with water alone was 99.4% effective in removing bacteria from smooth surfaces; while conventional products used with bleach was only 91.89% effective

Advantages of Lord Baltimore Uniform

  • No up-front cost or investment
  • Products are professionally laundered
  • Ability to adjust inventories
  • Automatic inventory replacement
  • Training and education for your staff provided

Advantages of Microfiber

  • Eliminate cross contamination from mopping
  • Removes more bacteria than traditional cleaning products
  • Reduces chemical costs
  • Less environmental impact
  • Easier to use
  • More absorbent