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How to Save Money on Work Uniforms

How to Save Money on Work Uniforms

Get the most savings on your work uniforms with this advice!

Not all work uniforms are the same, but all of them need to be built to help employees be as productive as possible. The right work uniform makes an employee’s job easier and more enjoyable. In fact, if it is meant to represent your company, it should make your team feel fulfilled to be there. While these are all good things, it’s also beneficial if your work uniforms are affordable. Here are several tips to save money on work uniforms.

Design Your Work Uniforms Thoughtfully

The work uniform design needs to count. If the product is unsatisfactory in functionality and branding, then the money spent will go to waste. That is why it matters to be thoughtful in your work uniform’s design. Plus, your employees could be less safe and less happy. Should you need an expert’s advice on customizing work uniforms, your uniform company of choice should be able to help you. As a local Baltimore uniform rental company, Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental is happy to assist.

Choose Long-Lasting Work Uniforms

Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental has many products you can customize for your business. Our selection of work uniform products is based on high-quality standards and is sure to help you save money. Most of our products are made with synthetic fabrics, which are more durable and affordable than natural fibers alone. You can read more about the benefits of synthetic fabrics for work uniforms here. Find breathable, long-lasting work uniforms with Lord Baltimore!

Select a Program That Works Best for You

Even with a uniform that defines your brand, fits and functions well, and lasts a long time, you still have choices on how to obtain it. With Lord Baltimore and other work uniform companies, you can choose to rent, lease, or purchase your products. 

Renting or leasing can work well in the long or short term; renting is especially handy if you prefer to solicit commercial uniform laundering, which comes with the program. 

Purchasing works well for either long or short-term use as well and for garments employees can wash at home. 

If it makes sense, you could even work with more than one option.

Work with a Great Work Uniform Company

Working with a company that is courteous, reasonable, and communicative makes life a lot easier. You will also find the most reasonable prices. If you are interested, please contact Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental in Baltimore, MD.

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided cost-effective uniform rental services throughout the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

To learn more about how employee uniforms can help your business, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore by calling 800-292-1224 or visit We also handle uniform and mat rentals and purchases for restaurants. Additionally, we also sell and rent uniforms, shop towels, fender covers, and mats for the manufacturing and automotive industries.

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