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Industries that Need Flame-Resistant Garments

Industries that Need Flame-Resistant Garments

Flame-resistant garments are applicable to many industries.

Flame-resistant garments are chemically-treated clothing that is highly durable against heat and fire. Many professionals that provide substantial services and products for the community undergo hazardous conditions every day. In these jobs, flame-resistant garments are necessary. While some industries might be more obvious, others might come as a surprise. Here is a general layout of the industries that most need flame-resistant garments.


Electricians of all kinds are trained to handle one of the most dangerous elements of nature: electricity. A relatively small voltage can be lethal, so it is always best to leave your electrical work to the professionals. Even so, electricians of all kinds benefit from having proper personal protection equipment, including garments that can protect them against strong electric shocks, arc flashes, and fires.

Power Plant

Power plant workers maintain the machinery that gives your community electricity. Power plants have different fuel sources, such as oil, coal, hydroelectricity, and nuclear power. All in all, they use a high amount of electricity to bring light and heat to businesses and homes across the country. Given the industrial nature of the environment, it is best to wear PPE that also protects against fire.


Manufacturing covers many types of product production, including food, pharmaceuticals, paper, clothing, and much, much more. Given the electrical machinery at work and the products’ flammability, manufacturing workers need flame-resistant garments to keep them ready at a moment’s notice.

Public Works

Public works cover departments such as police, fire, forestry, and utility workers. They are on the scene to keep the community safe and running smoothly. Naturally, all of these groups face potential fires, electrical surges, and high heat on any given day. Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental is there to provide your public works department with the flame-resistant uniforms it needs.


Last but not least is the petroleum industry, otherwise known as the gas and oil industry. This industry is responsible for the sourcing, processing, delivering, and marketing of petroleum products such as fuel oil, gasoline, and diesel. As these products are highly flammable, petroleum workers need flame-resistant garments every day.

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Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental can fit, order, and launder flame-resistant garments for your company. We carry different types of flame-resistant uniforms that can suit your specific job safety requirements. Talk with us today for more information!

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