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How to Get the Most out of Work Uniforms

How to Get the Most out of Work Uniforms

Get the most out of your work uniforms with a uniform rental program.

Your company needs work uniforms. It could be because it is the industry standard, they allow employees to work safely, they communicate your service, or a combination of these reasons. However, you want to get the most out of anything you put into your business, which is a worthy aim. Here’s how to get the most out of work uniforms in Maryland.

Functional Design

Your work uniform should aid your employees in the job at hand. Does the job require moving around a lot, lifting arms, turning, bending, etc.? Are employees exposed to hazardous materials, like sewage or combustible metals? Maybe your employees are simply customer-facing and need to look good and stay comfortable. There is a fabric and clothing design for your work needs. 

Impressive Design

The uniform must not only be functional but appealing as well. Few people will dare to use services from people who look worse than unattractive. The right design will look great and communicate what your business is all about. In other words, it will express your brand. 

Think about the work uniform style, colors, and logo. Those elements are what create a great first impression when put together well.

Fit to Each Employee

You have a practical work uniform design that any employee would be pleased to wear, but now comes the task of sizing each uniform to each worker. You’ll get the most out of work uniforms when you use cuts and sizes that fit each employee’s body type. Otherwise, you will have ordered uniforms that some can’t even wear.

Long-Lasting Workwear

Each work uniform should be able to last for quite a few years before it needs replacing. How can you get the most out of the workwear? It is all about uniform care. You will need a way to regulate uniform cleaning and repair so that each garment remains in as good condition as possible.

How You Can Get the Most out of Work Uniforms

You can get the most out of work uniforms by working with a professional uniform company. Such a company can provide you with expert uniform designs, uniform selections, and laundering services. With Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental, you can get all that and more with our uniform rental program.

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided cost-effective uniform rental services throughout the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

To learn more about how employee uniforms can help your business, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore by calling 800-292-1224 or visit We also handle uniform and mat rentals and purchases for restaurants. Additionally, we also sell and rent uniforms, shop towels, fender covers, and mats for the manufacturing and automotive industries.

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