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What Good Work Uniforms Say

What Good Work Uniforms Say

What points do a good work uniform make? Here’s what your uniforms should say.

You might be aware that your business needs employee uniforms to look professional and meet industry standards. However, you might not know exactly what those uniforms are supposed to communicate. One should not take work uniform design lightly; rather, careful thought will help you put your best foot forward. Take a look at what good work uniforms say about a business.

What Good Work Uniforms Say


First, the uniform will communicate to some extent what the wearer’s profession is, especially if it is a cultural uniform such as a nurse’s scrubs, a firefighter’s personal protection equipment, or a police officer’s outfit. A more formal or rugged work uniform will show to some extent what kind of work the wearer performs.


The uniform should also let people know who the employee represents. They would know through an embroidered or screen printed logo on the front and possibly the back of the shirt or jacket. The logo would include the company emblem and/or the company name. There would be no mistaking under whom the employee works.


A smart, well-designed work uniform should be functional and appropriate for the job at hand. As mentioned above, it should be suitable for the profession and show what the employee’s company is. A well-designed, well-made uniform will help establish trust, as there is no mistake about the employee’s role. The uniform’s quality shows that the company is high quality in all aspects.

Knowledgeable, Skilled, & Competent

A high-quality, appropriate work uniform is essential, but so is a clean and well-fitting one. The employee should wear a crisp, clean uniform that fits him or her. Anyone on the street should immediately think that this employee is competent at his job, someone who has the knowledge, skills, and wherewithal to perform the work at hand. 

Give the Best First Impression

A work uniform is more than just a dress code control garment. It is more than just a means of keeping on par with industry standards. It is a way of presenting your company to the world in the strongest and best way possible, making it clear exactly who you are, what you do, and what customers can expect in quality.

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