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The Significance of Employee Appearance

Close up shot of two unrecognizable businesswomen sitting on the opposite sides of the conference table and shaking hands after a successful meeting.

Two companies left customers with two very different impressions; which one will you be?

America’s economy runs on many businesses, and each business needs to orchestrate the best strategy to thrive and grow. If employees face customers, their appearance enormously impacts how the public perceives the company. How an employee works immediately makes a customer judge the business, not merely the individual. Is the significance of employee appearance really that big? Here’s the tale of two companies and how their employees’ looks affected them.

The Tale of Two Companies

Company 1

Company 1 didn’t have employee work uniforms; their team just wore whatever they wanted with a limited dress code. Some of their clothing was worn and faded, and others didn’t fit well, too tight or too baggy. A few employees did not practice the best hygiene, either. Their hair looked greasy and their nails were long. 

When a member of Company 1 showed up at a customer’s front door or at the business’s front desk, customers were wary about who they were approaching. Who was this person at their front door? Was it someone from the company, or an imposter? They would have to have some proof that it was the real deal. They wrinkled their nose and looked apprehensively at the worker at the store. It didn’t seem like this company was well-organized or professional. The customers left with a negative view of the brand; they could find somewhere better.

Company 2

These customers later found Company 2. This group used a uniform rental service that fit branded uniforms to every employee. Every uniform got a professional washing once a week and mended or replaced when needed. All of the work uniforms were fresh, fitted, and reflected the company’s brand with matching colors and a logo.

All of the employees took good care of their appearance and had an air of confidence in their work. They knew they were part of a team that delivered a great service. 

When the customers found Company 2’s employee at the store or their front door, they found something that was easy on the eyes and a pleasant surprise: a representative who looked smart, clean, professional, and respectful. They didn’t have to question who was at the front door. These customers got their service and knew who they would call the next time they needed it.

A Fork in the Road

Is your company considering which direction to go? Ponder the significance of employee appearance, and see if Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental can meet your goals.

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided cost-effective uniform rental services throughout the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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