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Advantages of Screen Printing for Uniforms

Advantages of Screen Printing for Uniforms

Could screen printing be the right application method for your uniform logos? See what we can do for you!

Company logos provide two significant benefits to employee uniforms: identification and branding. Other company members and customers will recognize that this employee represents this company and is of a specific profession. It also helps customers remember the company because of the visual reminder, helping spread your brand awareness passively. However, there are at least two ways you can get your logo on your uniforms. While logo embroidery has its pros, one should not miss the advantages of screen printing for uniforms.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is an ancient technique of pressing colors through a thin screen onto another surface below. The result is a paper, fabric, or metal that has a new, long-lasting design on it. The process can involve multiple colors and takes an accurate hand to match the colors and design according to the specifications.

Advantages of Screen Printing for Uniforms

Wide Application

Screen printing applies to countless work garments, from T-shirts to personal protection equipment, like high-visibility uniforms. Screen-printed logos and designs are popular on T-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other types of uniforms. They are excellent for printing logos that spread across the chest or back due to their smooth, seamless quality.

Bold, Accurate Colors

Screen printing ink can be as bold and brilliant as you please. You can expect accurate color matching of the approved color samples to the final product and each product compared to each other. The colors not only come out brilliantly and accurately, but they also last for a long time and have a sharp edge.

Modern Look

Screen printing might be an ancient technique, but it is modern in its use in today’s work uniforms. A smooth, seamless logo on your uniform can look more contemporary than an embroidered logo. If your workplace needs polos, T-shirts, PPE, etc., consider renting or buying work uniforms that have screen-printed logos. 

Great for Promo Clothing

Do you want to provide promotional clothing for your company? Perhaps you have a social or volunteering event you want to host, and you want your company to have T-shirts that unify the team. Screen-printed designs on T-shirts work great for this kind of company clothing. 

If you have any questions about our screen-printing or logo embroidery services, just contact Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental!

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