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Commercial Uniform Cleaning vs. Home Laundering

Commercial Uniform Cleaning vs. Home Laundering

Professional vs. home laundering: let’s compare!

Companies that use work uniforms have choices: the main two are whether to use a commercial uniform cleaning service or have employees wash their own uniforms at home. Outsourcing uniform laundering is more popular than ever. What is your view on commercial uniform cleaning vs. home laundering? 

Commercial Uniform Cleaning 

Erase Stains with Ease

With a commercial uniform cleaning service, you can take advantage of industrial laundry machines and cleaning methods that can remove industrial stains. Uniform cleaning companies have technologies and strategies for cleaning industrial garb, ensuring that they return to the owner spotless and pressed no matter how dirty it was before. You won’t have to figure out the formula for stain removal on your own with such a service.

Clean Uniforms Uniformly

A single, outsourced company will wash all uniforms according to one set of standards. You can expect uniform results with a uniform cleaning service. Garments will come back consistently clean.

Avoid Contaminating Personal Clothing

Outsourcing your work uniform laundering will avoid contaminating your employees’ homes with dirt from work. Avoiding contamination is especially important if your crew deals with hazardous or hard-to-remove waste, like oil, sewage, and bodily fluids.

Home Laundering 

Convenient for Promowear

Home laundering makes the most sense if all you are purchasing is promotional wear that your employees will only wear on special occasions. If the workwear is not essential for presenting yourselves to customers or for job safety, then laundering at home is hassle-free.

Okay for Small Businesses in Certain Industries

There is an argument for startups to use a uniform cleaning service from the start. That being said, it can be okay for some very small businesses to wash uniforms on their own, especially if they are casual and do not sustain heavy soiling. As a business upgrades and grows, professional uniform cleaning could be worth looking into.

Someone Must Oversee the Process

Washing uniforms at home is possible, but someone in the company must oversee and regulate the whole process to produce the same uniformity that an outsourced company would. 

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