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Benefits of a Rental Towel Service: Baltimore Linen Rental

rental towel serviceTowels: from hotels to spas, fitness centers, and more, clients and patrons of these types of businesses generally expect clean, fresh towels available to them for use during their visit. If your company has a need for linens, you can either make a sizable investment to acquire your own towels and the equipment and staff necessary to launder them, or you can look into what a rental towel service has to offer. Here’s a quick guide from a professional towel rental service company in Baltimore, Maryland to demonstrate the benefits of outsourcing your linen needs.

Eliminate Expenses: When you make the decision to offer towels to your clients, you are also making a decision to invest a large sum of money up front to purchase the appropriate amount of linens, and then continue dishing out valuable dollars to maintain and replace towels over time.

Less Labor: With an outsourced towel rental company, you won’t have to hire the labor to launder, dry, fold, distribute, and look after your linens.

Maintenance Free: If you commit to buying your own towels, remember you’ll also have to commit to buying the industrial equipment necessary for laundering and drying them. Washer and dryers will inevitably require installation and maintenance fees as well.

Easily Expand: As your business proliferates and you find yourself in need of more towels and linens, a rental towel company will prevent you from having to increase your supplies and washing capacity in-house. Easily increase your order and have more towels on hand without the extra effort.

Efficient Operations: If your employees have to double-up their workload in order to handle the laundering and distribution of towels, they’ll have less time to focus on their regularly scheduled duties, decreasing workplace efficiency.

Profit: By charging clients a nominal service fee for using towels, you can bring in an additional source of revenue for your company. You’ll also be providing an extra luxury for your clients by offering quality towels, which will contribute to your company’s reputation as an elite establishment.

Lord Baltimore Uniform offers towel rental service in Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Our high quality linens and professional laundering services offered at affordable prices make us one of the go-to linen providers in the area. To learn more about our products and services, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore Uniform & Linen Rental by calling 1-800-292-1224, or visit our website today!

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