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What do Uniforms Communicate? Insights from Baltimore Uniform Supplier

Uniforms have been around for thousands of years.  From school children to generals, at some point in their lives, almost everyone wears one.  So why, in this modern world of ours, are uniforms so prevalent and what makes them so relevant?   The answer to this question is,  “for many reasons”.

Put Your Customer at Ease   A simple shirt can communicate many things to customers and prospects alike.   First, a shirt with a name emblem properly introduces the employee to the customer, immediately providing a sense of familiarity and putting the customer at ease.  A uniform with emblems stating the employee’s name and company tells your customers that your people are professionals who are easy to approach.

Recognition at a Glance   A uniform distinguishes a company’s employees, making them easy to recognize up close or at a distance.  When your people are easily recognizable, they become more accessible to customers. Even from a distance, it’s clear to your customer who your people are and that they are on site and working.

Reinforcing Brand   Neat, clean uniforms that properly identify your employees and your company, also speak to your company’s image and the image of your brand.   People make judgments on first impressions (regardless of what we are taught).  Properly fitting clean uniforms identify your people and your brand as reliable, trustworthy and professional, such an image becomes synonymous with your company name.

Security Measures   In this day and age organizations of all kinds are acutely aware of security.  It is of the utmost importance that they know who is in their building or on their campus at all times.  Uniforms allow security, management and administrators of these organizations to easily identify your people making it easier for them to identify those who don’t belong, or potential threats.

By clearly conveying information about your employees, your company, and the work you do, uniforms can enhance a business’ public image, thereby opening up the opportunity for increased business.

Lord Baltimore Uniform, a uniform supplier in Baltimore, Maryland, offers uniforms for rental and purchase to help transmit information about your business to the public while lending an air of professionalism to your company. Let us help you improve the way you do business – find out how: call Joe Bateman at 1-800-292-1224, or visit our website today!

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