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How Uniform Rental Saves You Time

How Uniform Rental Saves You Time

Renting out employee uniforms saves you time and money!

One of the top questions business owners might ask when dealing with employee uniforms is how cost-effective a uniform rental service will be. Will hiring a uniform rental to wash, mend, and replace your employees’ clothing really save your business money? Indeed it does save your business money, but it also saves valuable time. Since time is money, one can see how a uniform rental saves in both ways.

Focus on Your Business

Running your business should be the only thing you have to worry about. Other jobs, such as uniform cleaning, should go to professionals who have dedicated resources and time for those services. Managing employee uniforms should not be something you have to worry about. Leaving it to the pros will save you time to focus on driving the business forward.

Save on Industrial Laundering

A uniform rental company like Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental has industrial machinery and methods that can remove tough stains and grime that residential laundry machines might not be able to handle. While the average person might not know how to remove culinary, automotive, natural, and other stains from clothes, a professional company has the knowledge, tools, and time to do it for you. You will save money in not having to buy equipment and detergents, and save time in trying to figure it all out.

Save on Repairs & Replacements

Cleaning uniforms often isn’t enough. Over time, employees may need uniform repairs, different uniform sizes, or new uniforms altogether. A uniform rental will check over each employee’s garments and make repairs before the customer even needs to ask most of the time. Changing out uniform sizes or turning in old ones is as simple as making a call. You won’t be needing your sewing kit with Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental!

Save on Logistics

Managing employee uniforms also takes impeccable organization. Lord Baltimore keeps weekly invoices clear, so you will know exactly what you’re paying for and who has what uniforms. We heat-seal labels onto each uniform and return them to you neatly; you won’t have any boxes to rummage through. That extra organizational step saves you time and effort.

Make a Great Impression

A great first impression helps to boost your business. When you have time to focus on your business and a great uniform rental to handle employee appearance professionally, your uniform rental saves you time and also saves you the cost of dirty-looking uniforms.

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided cost-effective towel rental services throughout the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

To learn more about how employee uniforms can help your business, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore by calling 800-292-1224 or visit We also handle uniform and mat rentals and purchase for restaurants. Additionally, we also sell and rent uniforms, shop towels, fender covers, and mats for the manufacturing and automotive industries.

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