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How to Handle Employee Appearance

How to Handle Employee Appearance

Employee uniforms help businesses maintain a professional appearance.

First impressions make a difference; how people dress and groom themselves communicates their professionalism in the workplace. Keeping up a clean and orderly appearance in the workplace speaks volumes to customers and business partners. How can managers help handle employee appearance in the workplace? Following these simple guidelines can help you maintain a positive company presentation.

Have a Written Policy

One way to maintain a positive company image is through a written dress policy. The policy should hold employees to a standard of dress that promotes your branding goals and values. It would include topics like tops, bottoms, footwear, hair, nails, piercings, tattoos, and hygiene. Anyone you hire will know to follow these guidelines from the start and have something to reference if they have questions.

Consider Employee Comfort

The dress code should also keep the comfort and morale of employees in mind. The dress guidelines should look good and be something employees are comfortable in and proud to wear. One should think about what the employees will need to wear to best promote functionality and productivity. For example, their clothing might need to be presentable to formal guests or befitting for regular bending over and reaching up. The clothing should also be stylish and appeal to modern aesthetics. It is a bad sign if your employees are embarrassed by their work outfits.

Be Direct & Understanding

It is possible that you could run into a situation where you have to confront an employee who is not following the dress policy. It is best to keep the conversation private and scheduled at the end of the workday to minimize embarrassment. The best policy for handling employee appearance that doesn’t match the guidelines is to be direct, sensitive, understanding, and helpful. One should be quick to listen to the employee’s concerns and give helpful resources.

Utilize Employee Uniforms

Using a uniform rental company can help provide you with a standard and consistent employee appearance that matches your brand and keeps your employees looking fresh and tidy. A uniform rental company like Lord Baltimore can provide each employee with well-fitting uniforms plus clean uniforms each week. We professionally launder, repair, and replace uniforms, allowing you and your team to focus on your service.

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

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