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The Classes of Hi-Visibility Garments

hi visibility garments

Keeping your employees easy to see on the worksite is vital to keeping everyone safe.

For anyone in construction, being noticed can be a problem. The loud noises, the huge equipment, everyone concentrating on their job and the nearby traffic makes for a work environment with a lot of distractions. Throw in the need to work at night as not to hold up traffic and construction workers are at considerable risk. One way to try and mitigate this risk has been the standardization of hi-visibility garments with a tiered class system.

Class 1

This class has the minimum amount of hi-visibility materials in the garments. It’s used strictly for work done away from traffic in non-complex work environments, such as parking lots. The garments must have a minimum of 217 square inches of fluorescent material to meet the requirement.

Class 2

For anyone working in a temporary traffic control zone, Class 2 hi-visibility garments in mandatory. This class has more reflective materials than Class 1, but unlike with Class 3 workers are allowed to wear vests. Working as a traffic guard or school crossing guard qualify as situations where Class 2 garments are required. A total of 755 square inches of fluorescent material and reflective bands of greater than an inch thickness are required.

Class 3

Whenever work is done near a roadway where traffic is moving faster than 25 miles per hour, Class 3 garments must be worn. Reflective material on the sleeve and pants leg are required on job sites, as is a greater amount, 1240 square inches, of fluorescent fabric. Two-inch reflective band of two inches are also required.

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