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How Harmful is Dust, Really?

dust control services

Dust can pose a serious risk if not contained.

Nothing’s better than a deep breath of fresh air, and nothing’s worse than breathing in a ton dust. Besides just being uncomfortable and making you sneeze, what’s the dangers of breathing in too much dust? You body does its best to keep dust out, but it can still reach your lungs if there’s too much of it in the air. Luckily, there are ways to control dust and keep your air clean and fresh. Don’t think you need dust control services? Keep reading to learn how your body fights off dust, and what happens when it can’t.

The Nose Knows How to Catch Dust

When a person breathes in dust all of the largest particles end up trapped in the nose. This is great for your lungs, but not so great if you have allergies or a cold since your nose can quickly become irritated from having to clear it constantly. Ever walk into a really dusty attic or unused room and instantly start sneezing? Your nose is making room to catch more dust.

But if It Doesn’t

The smaller particles that get past your nose travel through airways that lead to your lungs. Ideally, tiny hairs called cilia trap the particles, but they don’t always get everything. Any dust that gets past these defences then have to deal with macrophages and proteins that help move the dust out of the lungs.

How Does Dust Irritate?

While this might sound like a harmless and foolproof system, unfortunately it isn’t. Dust that gets trapped in the nose can cause irritation of the mucous membrane. If it reaches your air passages dust can cause tracheitis or bronchitis. Large amounts of dust reaching the lungs can damage tissue there and cause different types of damage depending on the composition of the dust.  

Protect Your Lungs with Dust Control Services from Lord Baltimore

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