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Why Add Custom Emblems to Employee Uniforms?

Custom Emblems Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental

Employee uniforms with custom emblems are like moving billboards

Have you been indecisive about adding custom emblems to your employee uniforms? We’re here to tell you that there are many benefits to making this small but impactful customization to your uniforms. Service-oriented companies benefit a significant deal from having their logos front and center. Here are five of the many benefits behind custom-embroidered employee uniforms. 


Employee uniforms with custom emblems are like moving billboards. Custom-embroidered uniforms are a cost-effective, mobile form of advertising. When you hire someone to work for you, they automatically become a representative of your brand. Corporate logo wear increases your brand’s visibility and creates a first impression without you or your employees needing to do a lot of work. 


When you take extra steps to enhance your business and brand, it makes your company appear more professional and put-together. This type of enhancement can help set your company apart from your novice competitors. A more professional image alone is enough to take your business’ credibility up a notch


We’ve all mistaken another customer for an employee. If your company has many departments, it makes sense to invest in custom emblems. It will help your customers know who to reach out to when they need help. 

Team Identity

As the Cheers’ theme song goes, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” Uniforms, in general, can give employees a sense of belonging. However, when you add a logo to a uniform, it can make your employees feel even prouder to be a part of your team. Custom emblems aid in making employee uniforms feel less generic. They add personality to an employee uniform. As a result, your employees will feel proud to wear them. 

Employee Morale

Although having a job is a normal part of adulthood, it doesn’t mean that employees shouldn’t be happy about having a job and being proud of where they work. When you add a logo to an employee uniform, it can aid in employee morale. Not only does custom-embroidered uniforms serve as effortless advertising for you, but your employees can proudly show off to the world that 1) They have a job and 2) That they love their job. Employee morale is good for business. 

If you’re saying “yes” to the excellence that custom emblems have to offer, reach out to Lord Baltimore Uniform today! 

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