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How to Avoid Having a Negative Corporate Image

It’s the digital age, and customers can leave evaluations on online review sites and social media platforms faster than you can ask, “How may I help you?”  A bad reputation will travel fast, which is why it’s important to make sure you’re upholding a great corporate image. Physical presentation and appearance is of course an essential component of corporate image, but there’s more to it than just that. Below, check out the key aspects of corporate image:

–          Corporate identity: This is, in essence, the personality of the company, including its culture and the way it operates as a unit.

–          Corporate image: Taken on its own, this is the impression that the corporation makes on the public, customers, and its shareholders, based on how it handles operations.

–          Corporate communication: From verbal to unspoken communication, this can include the way employees address clients, company name and logo, mission statements, advertising materials, and the like.

–          Feedback: Critical to gauging the success of any endeavor, feedback helps companies better manage their corporate image by understanding which aspects are positively received, and which have room for improvement.

We have some feedback for your business: if you want to uphold a strong corporate image, consider how your employees are dressed and presenting themselves as representatives of your company. Do your personnel wear uniforms to distinguish their roles and maintain a professional appearance? Does your logo accurately embody your brand, goods, services, and the overall message you are looking to communicate?

At Lord Baltimore uniform, a uniform rental and supply company in Baltimore, Maryland, we can help you tailor your corporate image with high-quality, well-designed, and well-kept uniforms.

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Corporate Image

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