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How to Choose Appropriate Uniforms for Your Business

Selecting uniforms for your business should receive the same amount of consideration as choosing your company’s name and tagline. As a part of the way your business brands itself, uniforms, like taglines, communicate what your business is about to both internal and external clientele. We’ve developed a checklist of points to consider when determining how to choose appropriate uniforms for your business. Read on to learn more.

  • How would you define your company’s image? In other words, how do you choose to present yourself in the public eye? When it comes to uniforms, think about your company environment. Are you corporate casual? Do you demand business dress?
  • What attire do the various departments in your company require in order to do their jobs successfully? Do you have client-facing sales executives? Technicians that need to get down and dirty? Would it be suitable to have one uniform that unites everyone at your business, or separate but coordinating uniforms?
  • Are there any regulatory standards you must meet? For instance, do any of your employees require flame resistant clothing, or high-visibility garments? Do your uniforms enhance the safety of personnel who require special clothing items?
  • Is your intended uniform universally flattering? Uniforms lose their effectiveness if they don’t aid in making your employees look professional and neat. Will the design you’ve chosen look suitable across the board? And what’s more, do your employees feel confident in the uniform, allowing them to project poise?

As you determine how to choose appropriate uniforms for your business, run through this checklist of questions to decide what your apparel needs are, and what you want your uniform to say about your business.

Lord Baltimore Uniform provides uniform rental and uniform purchase to companies in Maryland, Washington DC, northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. With a strong commitment to customer service and the highest quality uniforms available on the market, Lord Baltimore Uniform is an optimal choice for uniform supply.

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