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Five Benefits of Adding Custom Embroidery to Your Uniforms

Custom embroidery can come in fun and exciting colors

Although screen printing is trendy, custom embroidery remains an excellent way to enhance your brand. Any industry can benefit from custom embroidery, whether it be a restaurant or manual labor jobs such as the automotive industry. You undeniably want your customers to know who your employees are if they need assistance. Custom embroidery and employee uniforms, in general, helps your staff to stand out and promotes cohesion. Lord Baltimore specializes in custom embroidery along with emblems. Keep reading to discover the five benefits of adding custom embroidery to your uniforms.

1) Custom Embroidery Leaves a Long Lasting Impression

Corporate offices and small business alike utilize custom embroidery. It helps to promote professionalism and gives a clean, unique look. Embroidery is ideal for promoting your brand and creates a look that’s not generic. Not only does embroidering work for staff uniforms, but if your company is having a special promotion going on, you can use embroidery for advertising this.

2) Embroidery Doesn’t Just Apply to Shirts

Here at Lord Baltimore, we sew on all emblems so that your employees can look amazing, but embroidery doesn’t have to apply to just shirts. It applies to pants and jackets as well. While Lord Baltimore specializes in uniforms, it’s useful to know that emblems can also help bags, backpacks, and even socks stand out as well.

3) A Variety of Colors and Styles

Does your company have a unique logo with vibrant colors? You can assure that Lord Baltimore will bring your logo to life. The colors and font size is limitless. We also offer block or script lettering.  Identification is one way to market your business. You can trust us, experts, to give you the quality emblem that you need.

4) Durability

Screen or laser printing are known for fading over time. With embroidery, you won’t have to worry about your design losing its visual appeal from fading. Durability matters, especially during the washing process.

5) You Can Add Names to the Front of Your Uniforms

Statistics show that the brain responds positively at the mention of your name. Your employees will be happier if clients can automatically identify them and call them by name. Custom embroidery is also more visually appealing than name tags.

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

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