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Top Five Industries that Utilize Employee Uniform Rentals

Employee uniforms are beneficial in any sector.

Employee uniforms are beneficial in any sector. That’s what makes them unique and versatile. A common misconception is that employee uniforms are only suitable for industries that require manual labor such as a mechanic shop or warehouses but employee uniforms are purposeful for sectors that involve polish and poise such as restaurants as well. To get an understanding of how broadly used employee uniforms are, keep reading for the top five industries that utilize them the most.

1) The Automotive Industry

Mechanic uniforms are susceptible to wear and tear. It makes sense because they regularly come into contact with grease and oil. Oil and grease stains usually are hard to get out, but not if you hire an expert uniform rental company such as Lord Baltimore. We have the proper formulas to remove stains in a way that your average washer may not be able to.

2) Restaurants

Employee uniforms are beneficial to restaurants because they’ll help showcase your brand. Whether it be a chef, waitress, bartender, or hostess, your diners will know who is undeniably a part of your staff. Uniforms are stylish and versatile. Even the pickiest of restaurant owners have various options when it comes to fabric, color, and specialized emblems and embroidery.

3) Maintenance Professionals

Professionals that are responsible for pest control, HVAC services, and landscape maintenance, to name a few, utilize uniform rental services. When it comes to these hands-on professions, these employees need a uniform that will provide a protective barrier that will keep safe and injury-free on the job.

4) Security Jobs

Security jobs can be dangerous. These jobs involve high risk. Of course, you want to make sure that your employees look good, but most importantly, you want to make sure that they have uniforms that promote safety while on the job.

5)Medical Fields

Medical professionals work in one of the most respected fields. Doctors and nurses help save lives along with EMTs. Lab coats, scrubs, and EMT uniforms are all apart of medical practice. Hospitals, clinics, and ambulances consistently utilize employee uniforms.

Don’t See Your Industry Listed? No Worries!

You aren’t limited if your industry is not listed here. Lord Baltimore will work with you regardless of your sector. Each business or organization is unique, and we will treat you as such.

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

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