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Discover Why Lord Baltimore has a 96% Customer Retention Rate!

Lord Baltimore is a customer-centric company that cares more about customer experience versus only sales.

For  fifty years, Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental has been delivering excellent, expert service to Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Not only do we provide the uniforms and laundering services  that your company needs to be successful , but we also offer a wide range of products that keep your business clean and looking good. While we offer many quality products the real reason our customers  are so happy is our outstanding customer service. Lord Baltimore is a customer-centric company that cares genuinely about meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs.This customer driven focus has produced an impressive 96% customer retention rate for Lord Baltimore!  Wouldn’t you like to be one of our happy customers?! Read on.

Response Time / New Orders

When a customer reaches out, the follow-up process should be quick. Here at Lord Baltimore, even with our many customers, we answer all inquiries by the next business day.  If your current supplier isn’t replying to your inquiries within 24 hours, service isn’t what it should be. Are you waiting more than one to two weeks for new employees uniforms?  There is no reason to. On average, we take about one to two weeks to turn around most new orders. New employees need to be in uniform as quickly as possible to maintain the professional image you want for your company.   Slow response creates problems, we want to help you solve problems. We know that feeling unheard is frustrating. We provide prompt and professional service that lets our customers know we care about them. We want to partner with you to keep your people looking their best!

We Have the Right People on the Front Line

Do your route service representatives come and go?  Our route service representatives average tenure is 15 years! What this means is that we’re no rookies when it comes to the uniform rental industry. Our route reps forge lasting relationships with our customers.  They know how to collaborate with our customers to give them what they need. Have you ever spoken to a customer service representative who lacked confidence and expertise? Often you know more than they do about their job.  You won’t experience that with Lord Baltimore. Our employees stay so long because we take care of them. If you are well taken care of, generally you are happy, and happy employees produce good results.

Lord Baltimore is a Locally Owned Business

Locally owned businesses such as Lord Baltimore have character and tend to deliver higher levels of customer service. Locally owned companies care about community well-being and pride themselves on knowing their customers and understanding their needs. Good customer service should always be the rule not the exception, and that’s what we provide.

Our Products

While we promote high-quality customer service, our diverse range of products meets our customers many needs. We offer uniforms for most any industry, like the automotive industry, food service industry, or medical field to name a few. Want to personalize your uniforms? We provide custom embroidery and emblems as well! We offer eco-friendly cleaning products that will sustain your company as well.  You can’t go wrong when you depend on us for fantastic products and customer service that will make you feel right at home!

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