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Tips for Logo Placement on Uniforms

Tips for Logo Placement on Uniforms

Let us help you create the most effective uniforms through logo placement.

Finding the appropriate work uniforms for your industry includes considering where to put the logo. After all, a work uniform is not complete without an indicator of which company you represent. The logo may go on practically any article of clothing, but these tips for logo placement on uniforms will help you make the most informed decisions.

Dress Shirts

Well-fitted, stylish dress shirts can make any employee look sharp in the business-casual world. Logo placement options vary. One can place a custom embroidered logo across the front of the collar, on the left or right front sides, on the shirt pocket, on the right or left upper sleeves, or on the right or left cuffs. 

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts work for many different work situations, from a standard trade uniform to a corporate meeting outfit. One can utilize both long-sleeved or short-sleeved polo shirts for your workplace. Standard logo placements on polo shirts include on the front right or left side, across the top back, or on the right or left sleeve.


T-shirts can also work for everyday or particularly casual work settings, and these uniforms can also be short or long-sleeved. Lord Baltimore Uniform provides logo silk screening services as well as logo embroidery. The logo placement on a T-shirt can be creative and flexible; examples include on the center front, center back, on one side of the front, or on the sleeves.


Outerwear comes with any trade that involves outdoor work. It helps to keep a professional, polished look even when it’s cold. Sweatshirts, jackets, and sweaters count as outerwear for work. Placement for logos is typically on the front left or right or center back, but some outerwear allows for logos on the sleeves, cuffs, or middle-to-lower back.

Pants, Shorts, & Skirts

Logos in this category are less common, but sometimes still help provide the uniform with the marketing effect it needs. If employees tuck in their shirts, a logo can easily go on the front or back on either side, above the pockets. More flexible options include placement below the pocket or at the hem.

Work Uniform Accessories

Work uniform accessories could be hats, gloves, scarves, and much more. For smaller items like these, a logo placed on the center front has the biggest effect. Other work uniforms, such as aprons, also often have center front logos.

Tips for Logo Placement

Overall, there are three general tips for logo placement for work uniforms that one should keep in mind:

  1. Take your time to think about your options. The aesthetic and functional result of the logo placement should not be made with a hurried decision.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for where one can put a logo on a particular garment.
  3. Feel free to ask for professional help.

Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental can help you formulate your final work uniforms.

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided cost-effective uniform rental services throughout the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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