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Increase Consumer Confidence with Uniform Rentals

While your mom may have admonished you to never judge a book by its cover, customers tend to disagree. In fact, clients tend to believe that facilities who require their employees to wear uniforms are more trustworthy and respectable than those that don’t. The clothes that we wear have a direct impact on how we are perceived, which means they are an important consideration for your employees because they will reflect on your entire business. Learn more about how uniform rentals can benefit your business, below.

uniform rentals

Uniform rentals will help your customer’s trust your business.

Uniforms make customers trust you

There has been significant research that backs up the claim that uniforms are about more than just making your employees look good. One study showed that subjects found nurses to be less empathetic and caring when they were out of uniform. The same study also illustrated that more than half of the participants also preferred to visit a doctor who wore a white lab coat, which made them perceive him/her as more trustworthy, capable, and caring.

However, employees in the medical field are not the only ones who are judged by what they wear. Many studies have shown that men wearing tailored three-piece suits are regarded as wealthier, more intelligent, and more competent than men whose suits were ill-fitting or who wore more casual clothes. What we wear has a major impact on how we are perceived, so you must be sure that your employees are putting forth a positive image that your customers will react to in a positive way. Uniforms are the best way to do this.

Uniform rentals are the best choice

When you want uniforms without all of the hassle, uniform rental offers the ideal solution. Let the professionals at Lord Baltimore handle the logistics of your uniform needs. Renting uniforms can save your organization time and money as you won’t have to deal with laundering them and replacing pieces that are taken by ex-employees or become worn out. Instead, your employees can wear fresh, clean, and fitted uniforms that will make them stand out in the eyes of your customers. Now that’s a win-win!

Want to learn more about how uniform rentals can benefit your business? Contact Lord Baltimore today!

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