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How Much Profit Can Your Company Save By Using a Uniform Rental Service?

Over the past few weeks, we looked at many of the benefits of bringing a comprehensive, professional uniform rental service to your business. When clients or customers enter your establishment, there is an unspoken feeling of protocol and security by the mere image of uniformed employees going about their daily tasks. Aside from the stature that a uniform infers, there is also the added incentive of your company’s visitors always knowing who to address in the event of basic inquires, or a genuine emergency. We have also learned that instilling a uniform service into your workplace culture has massive benefits to the environment and the overall morale of your company’s team members. But what about you, the actual business owner?
Here, we look at a few basic, but incredible benefits that a uniform rental service can bring your personal productivity – and your company’s profits.

Uniform Rental Services Equal Profits Saved

Regular laundry bills always add up, particularly when you’re considering a full team of employees who require clean uniforms each day of the week. When you offer a solid uniform rental service to your workforce team, your employees will not only save their own money when it comes to dry cleaning and wardrobe replacement; statistically, employees who don’t have that concern are less likely to inquire about rapid raises in pay and higher starting salaries upon their initial hire.

You’ll Never Have to Worry About Constant Replacement

Over the course of time, you’ll have to eventually replace your team’s uniforms. To maintain the air of professionalism that your business commands, it is always necessary to keep those uniforms perfect. However, introducing a complete uniform rental service that includes maintenance and dry cleaning keeps the overall longevity of the uniforms at their peak. Employees who are left with the responsibility of cleaning their own uniforms (and at their own expense) are more likely to either avoid the continued maintenance to keep their attire at its best, or will feel the need to use cheaper means to clean them. In the end, you’ll end up replacing uniform sets with regularity – a profit-draining practice that is easily avoided through professional uniform rental services that include dry cleaning.

Uniform Rental from Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental
For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided cost-effective uniform rental services up and down the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. To learn more about how uniform rental can make your business more effective and economical, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore by calling 800-292-1224 or visit We also handle towel rental for gyms and salons; apron, towels, uniforms and mats for restaurants; and uniform, shop towel, fender cover and mat rental for manufacturing and automotive industries.
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One of the major advantages of uniform rentals is its cost-efficiency.

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