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Sanitary Products All Commercial Spaces Need

Sanitary Products All Commercial Spaces Need

Make this your business checklist for your building’s sanitary needs.

Commercial buildings all need to stay clean. Have you ever heard of sick building syndrome? An unhealthy work environment can riddle a workplace with sick employees and dwindling productivity. The best way to combat the detriments of dirt is to source all the sanitary products you can. You can make Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental your one-stop shop; below are the sanitary products all commercial spaces need.

Floor Mats

In Lord Baltimore’s dust control service, you can peruse a fine selection of floor mats for your business. You can find entry floor mats to trap moisture, mud, and dust at the doorway and showcase your brand with a custom logo. We also supply anti-fatigue mats to keep employees’ joints and bones from wearing out after long hours of standing.

Microfiber Mops

Microfiber wet mops and dry mops are both essential tools to clean and sanitize your commercial building’s floors. Floors accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, stains, and bacteria over the weeks and can affect indoor air quality. Find mops, surface dusters, disposable mops, commercial mop laundering, and training with us!

Quality Paper Products

Don’t forget your public restrooms; Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental can supply you with all the services you need for paper hand towels and toilet tissue. We can install, maintain, and refill your paper hand towel and toilet tissue dispensers so your facility never has to be without.

Hand Soap

Along with quality paper products, we can also supply your restrooms with hand cleaner suitable for your employees’ needs. Our Soy Natural Multi-Purpose hand cleaner is perfect for heavy-duty purposes. It will thoroughly wash employees’ hands without causing skin to crack and dry out, the perfect balance.

Air Freshener

Our battery-operated air fresheners automatically refresh the air in the places your commercial building needs it most. You can help eliminate germs and odors, improve air quality, and improve your employees’ workplace satisfaction. 

Clean Work Uniforms

Does your company need work uniforms? Lord Baltimore can lend you a hand with stellar work uniforms, uniform repairs, replacements, and commercial laundering. Fresh, clean uniforms will also help keep your employees and work environment healthy. If you are interested to learn more, contact us today!

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided cost-effective uniform rental services throughout the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

To learn more about how employee uniforms can help your business, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore by calling 800-292-1224 or visit We also handle uniform and mat rentals and purchase for restaurants. Additionally, we also sell and rent uniforms, shop towels, fender covers, and mats for the manufacturing and automotive industries.

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