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Is Technology Losing the “Personal Touch” of Your Customer Service?

As a proud independent small business, one of the greatest achievements that we strive for is the appreciation of our loyal clients for outstanding customer service. With decades in the service industry, we at Lord Baltimore know full-well that customer service is the true core of all successful enterprises, and – as the years have passed – we’ve witnessed evolving technology integrated into the many facet of all business.

With providing consistent uniform rental service to our many clients as our primary directive, we vouch for the value of personal customer service in all areas. This week, examine how technology has played a major part in how customer service is conducted.

The Loss of Human Accountability

With a solid and professional uniform rental service – particularly one that includes full laundering service – your employees’ uniforms are always maintained by a human being who is properly trained and responsible for the treatment and care of the clothing. There is a direct line of accountability for the mishandling of important and expensive materials and, in the case of accidents having to do with the laundering processes used, human feedback to ensure that the problems will not happen again. In the end, your own clients benefit from the natural “checks-and-balances” that come with quality assurance and accountability that only a human can provide.

The Cost of Faulty Technology

When new technological systems are purchased or leased by a company in the service industry, the company creating the equipment are quick to indicate the large amounts of money saved by replacing human workers with their new products. Often, however, machines break down or can become prone to wear-and-tear. The latest fad in the laundry industry is the chipping of garments and the installation of “readers” in order to monitor them. Under this practice, if the chip fractures and falls off, or becomes demagnetized and is rendered unreadable, the client themselves are forced to pay for the broken technology. Like many machines being integrated into common service industry practices, these systems are designed with the profitability of the provider in mind, not the end user. With properly trained uniform laundering professionals, you’re never on the hook for faulty or broken technology.

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