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What Is an Independent Business?

What Is an Independent Business?

An independent business is a key part of society.

There are many campaigns calling people to support small businesses floating around. We are called to support small businesses, but why? What is an independent business, anyway? What is their real impact?

What Is an Independent Business?

An independent business is one with a sole proprietorship; a larger, outside entity does not own it, and it does not have shareholders like a public company does. Its ownership is private. Its owner is usually its founder or one of the founder’s descendants; it could also be owned by two partners or a small group of people.

What Is the Nature of an Independent Business?

The Fount of Creativity

The more shareholders and overhead authorities you have, the less ability you have to innovate. You will only get to do what you are told, or need to make gradual, highly-detailed plans to make any major shifts. Independent businesses are the fount of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Authenticity and Care from Real People

Independent companies are not corporate giants, even if they are big. They are run by real people who are authentic and really care about their products and services for the community if they are reputable. More often than not, they want the best for their customers.

A Point in the Culture and Home

Independent businesses are more than just a point of commercial service. They are not merely entities where economic transactions take place. Manned by real people, they become points of local culture and the place you call home. For some, local shops are home.

An Outlet to Give Support to Your Community

There is so much an independent, local business has to offer its community, but there is even more to offer when local customers give. Locals don’t just support another person when they do business with them; they also build up the entire community.


What is an independent business? It has a technical definition, but it also has a definition that goes beyond what one can describe. It is both a legal business setup and a local point of contact with other human beings helping each other out. It is just one part of what makes a place feel like home.

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