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Uniform Rental without Hidden Fees, helping your Fallston Business thrive

Uniform Rental FallstonAs a business owner in Fallston (or anywhere for that matter), your No. 1 goal is to turn a profit. Period. End of story. Of course, other elements are important as well – such as customer service, employee morale, and quality service – but, at the end of the day, everything comes back to profitability. However, it can be difficult to continually turn a profit when your uniform rental invoice is constantly on the rise. What gives? Perhaps it is time for an invoice audit of your uniform service…

You originally opted for uniform rental because you know the benefits. Uniforms have been proven to increase productivity, aid branding, improve customer acquisition and retention, boost morale, and better customer service. And uniform rental is traditionally the most cost-effective way to outfit your employees with clean, fresh uniforms week in and week out. But lately, your uniform rental service has seemed more of a burden than a benefit. Increasing invoices are capturing more and more of your profits.   While it is true that costs increase and prices must reflect that as a matter of survival in any industry, some uniform companies seem to increase prices at will.

Is the price you pay for your current uniform rental services more than the price you agreed upon when you first signed your contract? This is the number one complaint with most uniform rental companies: hidden fees. Unfortunately, some uniform rental companies care more about making money than they do about your business. To them, you are just another number. What a shame! These companies lure you in with prices that seem too good to be true. And they are! Over time, these prices are repeatedly increased and in a relatively short period of time you are paying significantly more than you’d ever expected and worse, you are stuck with these prices and this supplier due to their service agreement.

Maybe it’s time to make the switch to Lord Baltimore!

Uniform Rental without Hidden Fees, helping your Fallston Business thrive

As a local, independently owned uniform rental company, Lord Baltimore knows firsthand the struggles of business ownership in today’s ultra-competitive world. We know what it is like to compete against those faceless corporate giants. And we are confident in our ability to provide you with service above and beyond uniform rental industry standards.

To learn more about how Lord Baltimore can better meet the Uniform Rental needs of your Fallston business, please contact Joe Bateman at 800-292-1224 or visit We also handle towel rental for gyms and salons; apron, towels, and uniform, shop towel, fender cover and mat rental for manufacturing and automotive industries.

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