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Say Goodbye to Tattered Uniforms, a Major Complaint in Uniform Rental

Tattered Uniforms Uniform RentalOne day you woke up and realized that your business was lacking something. You just didn’t know what. So you did your research. You scoured the Internet looking for answers. Then you found it: Uniform Rental. That’s it! The benefits seamed tremendous: improved image, boosted morale, increased sales, and so much more. What could possibly go wrong? So, once again, you took to the Internet and looked around until you found a uniform rental company that seemingly had it all, including prices that were significantly lower than the competition. It was almost too good to be true…

*Fast forward several months into the future*

Unfortunately, your uniform rental company has been a constant headache more than anything else.

How do your uniforms look now? Do your guys look sharp? Or are your uniforms tattered and falling apart? If the latter rings true, you are not alone. Unfortunately, this is one of the three biggest complaints in the uniform rental industry. The others include hidden fees and constantly rising invoices, and inaccurate garment counts. So what do you do? The answer: trust Lord Baltimore!

Say Goodbye to Tattered Uniforms with Lord Baltimore

As a local, independently owned business, Lord Baltimore knows the struggles of business owners, like you. We are not a faceless corporation. We actually care about our customers. We do not believe in hidden fees. Any pricing we give you will be comprehensive. We know your employees can’t function if we don’t send you the correct garment count each week. That is why our service representatives not only count and itemize each garment they receive, but we also provide a copy of the previous week’s invoice so orders can be checked for accuracy. Finally, we know your employees can’t look their best in tattered uniforms. That is why we repair or replace old, tattered uniform free of charge (as long as the damage is the result of normal wear and tear).

At Lord Baltimore, we are confident in our ability to provide you with service above and beyond uniform rental industry standards. We believe it is our job to help you run your business more smoothly.

To find out if Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental is right for your company, please contact Joe Bateman at 800-292-1224 or by visiting We also handle towel rental for gyms and salons; apron, towels, uniforms and mats for restaurants; and uniform, shop towel, fender cover and mat rental for manufacturing and automotive industries.

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