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How Many Towels Does My Facility Need?

It’s a common question which requires a lot of thought. Whether you own a gym, sports, spa or any other type of facility that frequently uses towels, you have to plan ahead for how many towels you think you may need. facility-towel-needs

How does one go about determining facility towel needs? Here are some criteria to consider when ordering towels for your service.

Towel variety

One important thing to consider when deciding how many towels to buy is the towel variety that will be required. For example, some gyms only need hand towels which they provide to their guests to use during their workout. Other gyms may also offer bath or sauna towels, wash cloths, etc.

Spas often have various towels of different sizes for both client use and staff use. Your facility towel needs should take into consideration whether or not you need different sizes, colors, or materials.

How many towels depends on the number of people

The next topic to think about is the total quantity of towels. A hair salon may only need a small supply of medium-sized hair towels they launder themselves. A large fitness facility with thousands of members will need a much larger supply of all towel sizes they carry.

One thing to keep in mind: No matter what your business or service is, you should always have extra towels just in case. If you order just enough for your current client or member count, you risk being short on towels when they’re needed either by staff or clients. No one wants to have to tell their spa guest there aren’t any clean towels to provide them.

Here to help

These are general guidelines on determining your facility’s towel needs. It’s also important to use your best judgment when deciding how many towels to buy or rent. Remember, Lord Baltimore can help! We sell and rent towels based on your demands and needs, so if you’re in doubt about your facility towel needs, or are ready to place your order, give us a call.

Ask Lord Baltimore about facility towel needs

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