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Fatigue: The Leading Cause of Lost Productivity in the Workplace

Fatigue Workplace Productivity

Fatigue is the leading cause of diminished productivity in the workplace.

According to a joint study performed by the American College of Occupational Medicine and the Integrated Benefits Institute, Fatigue is the leading cause of diminished productivity in the workplace. Fatigued employees experience a 23% reduction in concentration, an 18% reduction in memory function, and a 9% increased difficulty in performing work-related tasks, according to data secured by the Pulse Institute. As a result, they commit more errors, which directly affect workplace productivity, costing your organization money.

According to “Fatigue in the U.S. workforce: prevalence and implications for lost productive work time,” employees report 4.1 hours of lost productive time (LPT) each week due to fatigue. This equates to an estimated cost of more than $136 billion annually for U.S. employers, according to a study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

How Fatigue Affects Your Employees

  1. Physical and Mental Health: Fatigue has a negative impact on resilience and mental health, leading to increased stress and a decreased immune system.
  2. Safety: Fatigue is a workplace hazard. Fatigued employees are less alert. Fatigue affects your ability to think clearly and act appropriately and can greatly diminish reaction times, which all lead to several safety issues in the workplace.

Fatigue can be caused several ways, including a lack of sleep, working out of sync with your natural body clock, and extreme physical or mental exertion. It is up to employers to reduce the risk and impact of fatigue. One way to do this is to reduce the physical demands of the workplace using anti-fatigue mats.

Anti-Fatigue Mats from Lord Baltimore

Employees who stand in one place for extended periods of time need soft cushioned anti-fatigue mats to help their legs and backs. This will help reduce fatigue, improve productivity, and keep your employees happy and comfortable.  It is also a morale booster seemingly small perk that pays big dividends!


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