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As a salon or fitness center, spa or exercise boutique owner, you may be wondering how renting towels could possibly be more beneficial to your business than washing and reusing your own towels. After all, why outsource a service you can perform in-house?

There are actually several benefits to renting towels from a professional towel rental service, not the least of which is saving money.

  • Increase Efficiency:  What is it costing you in time, equipment, water, chemicals, energy and product to wash, dry and fold your own towels?  Why take up valuable time laundering towels when your employees could be taking care of clients or helping you grow your business?
  • Cost Effective: When you rent towels, you choose to save money. There is no initial investment. There is no need to purchase and stock towels.  There is no need to purchase detergent, bleach and fabric softener.  There is no need to  purchase, install, maintain, and repair your own commercial washers and dryers. Using a rental service towels are supplied (replaced as needed when they wear out), laundered, and returned ready to use.  The cost for the service is surprisingly inexpensive
  • Professional Cleaning:  Towels are washed,  sanitized, dried and wrapped in plastic to ensure their cleanliness when they reach you.
  • Customer Service:  A towel rental service relieves you of laundry responsibilities.  If  a washer breaks down, not your problem.  If  a dryer breaks down, not your problem.  Laundry boy doesn’t show up, not your problem.  Need to order new towels, not your problem.  Need more detergent, not your problem etc.  As a business owner you have enough to do, especially when towel rental service is so inexpensive.
  • Capacity: If you wash your towels in-house, you could outgrow your washer/dryer capacity as  you grow your business. With a towel rental service, as your business grows, you simply increase your order with a phone call.
  • Profitability:  Gyms/fitness centers can rent towels for $1 ea and make a handsome profit.  Salons, by adding $1 to your price you can cover the cost of towel service and perhaps make a little money depending on the number of towels used per client
  • Sustainability: Using a towel rental service is environmentally friendly.  You can reduce solid waste, water usage, energy use, and chemical use by using towel rental service.  Industrial laundries can utilize resources more efficiently due to the sheer volume they process.

Doing your own towels may be reducing your bottom-line profit.  Remember time, equipment, maintenance, water, chemicals, energy, space for equipment and towel storage (rent/sq ft) and product is what is costs to do your own towels, not to mention your time which isn’t minimum wage.  Also, what is it costing you in intangibles like frustration, employee morale and stress?  Depending on volume and type of towel, the average towel rental service company charges approximately 30.00/hundred towels, dropped off, picked up, laundered packaged and returned.  Can you really do it for that, or is it costing you more, lots more?

If you have any questions about towel rental service, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore Uniform & Linen Rental at 800-292-1224 or visit or

For over thirty years, Lord Baltimore Uniform and Linen Rental has provided outstanding uniform rental service to Maryland, Washington DC, northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.  We are driven to provide responsive, attentive, professional customer service!

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