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Are Uniforms an Economical Marketing Tool?

Uniforms Marketing

According to Ashwini Poojary, author of “Are Uniforms an Effective Marketing Tool?” 67% of respondents said uniforms can be an effective marketing tool.

Uniforms play an important role in the day-to-day goings on of many businesses. Aside from making employees easily identifiable for customers, uniforms also serve several additional purposes.

  • Productivity: According to “Ipsos Global @dvisory Reuters / Ipsos Poll Workplace Attire July 2010,” 55% of workers believe someone wearing a uniform is more productive.
  • Credibility: According to a 2000 UTSA sponsored study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, “When a customer sees an employee in uniform, they feel that they receive a better product and higher quality of service.” 40.28% of respondents believe uniformed employees are more knowledgeable, 52.78% believe they are more credible, and 54.17% are more comfortable working with a uniformed employee.
  • Safety: Depending on your industry, uniforms can be important safety tools, protecting against burns, preventing cross contamination, or helping make employees more visible.

But did you know that uniforms can also be an effective and economical Marketing Tool for businesses? According to Ashwini Poojary, author of “Are Uniforms an Effective Marketing Tool?” 67% of respondents agreed that managed uniform programs can be an effective form of advertising.

How Uniforms Aid Marketing Efforts

“[U]niform programs are a more effective marketing tool compared to several popular forms of advertising,” said Poojary, referring specifically to six forms of advertising: Internet, television, radio, billboard, Yellow Pages, and newspaper.

According to the results from 267 surveys spanning various industries, from agricultural production to auto repair, 56.1% of respondents stated that uniform programs are more effective than Internet advertising, 73.5% said uniforms are better than television advertising, 74.4% prefer uniforms to radio advertising, 75.7% prefer uniforms to billboard advertising, 55% prefer uniforms to the Yellow Pages, and 71.5% prefer uniforms to newspaper advertising.

While your customers may see your commercial on television or they may drive past your billboard, they are all but guaranteed to see your employees when they enter your business. Uniforms help turn your employees into walking, talking advertisements. And who better to advocate for your business than the people that work there? Perhaps best of all, uniforms are a much more economical option than many other forms of advertising. That’s what we call a win-win. Of course, in order for uniforms to work as a marketing tool, they need to be properly branded.

Maryland Uniform Services

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