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The Psychology of Colors for Uniforms

The Psychology of Colors for Uniforms

Colors communicate; what do your uniform colors say?

Colors can be powerful. They play a significant role in branding and how customers perceive your business. You might be an established business that already has a color scheme in place. Consistency across all forms of branding, such as your website and your uniforms, is best. If you want to know how your customers might perceive you, consider the psychology of colors for uniforms.

The Psychology of Colors for Uniforms

Multiple factors affect how people perceive colors and what they are coloring. In business, you might notice that certain industries use the same colors. For instance, green is a go-to color for landscaping and lawn care companies, while food services might use red and yellow. Is there a standard color your industry uses for branding? 

Positive and Negative Associations per Color


Red is a color representing energy, excitement, and hunger. If you want customers to have these feelings when viewing your company, then red could be an excellent brand color for you. If it does not fit your business, it could communicate aggression.


Orange is a warm, happy, and spunky color that can also stimulate the appetite. This color is popular for entertainment, sports, food, and adventuring companies. On the other hand, orange could make your company come across as deceitful, annoying, or frustrating.


Yellow is a color of cheerfulness, joy, hope, and sunshine. As one of the warm colors, it is also popular in the food industry. On the other hand, some might see it as aggressive, irrational, or sickly. Depending on your industry, it can work great or not fit well.


Green has a strong association with nature. If you have a green logo or uniform, people will assume your business has to do with plants, nature, health, rest, etc. The agriculture, landscape, and health industries use this color the most. Otherwise, it risks looking dull.


Blue communicates trustworthiness, calmness, health, and clarity. A range of industries use blue in their logo, and is generally a safe color to use. Tech, medical, hygiene, home improvement, and entertainment companies have a blue logo, but if used wrongly could look cold.


Purple communicates spirituality and nobility but also could translate to introversion, evil, or inferiority. Some famous groups, like FedEx, Hallmark, and Cadbury, might use purple to show quality.


White is excellent for companies wanting to show cleanliness and sophistication but not ideal for businesses where dirt and spills are regular, like an auto repair shop. If it is unfitting, it could make your business look sterile.


Black is professional, efficient, and serious. If you want to portray your company as fun and lighthearted, don’t use black.

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