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Criteria for Manufacturing Industry Uniforms

Criteria for Manufacturing Industry Uniforms

Lord Baltimore Uniform provides uniforms and cleaning services for manufacturing industries.

The manufacturing industry covers many different roles, from manufacturing paper to food to electrical equipment. Those working in the manufacturing industry can usually be found on the warehouse or factory floor, settings with various notable hazards. The right uniforms are imperative for workers to stay safe and do their work well. In general, one should expect these criteria for manufacturing industry uniforms. 


On the factory or warehouse floor, visibility can be problematic. With many moving machines and work zones, seeing individual people can be a challenge. High-visibility garments are a requirement in some work environments. The uniform’s bright color and reflectivity help everyone steer clear of a mishap.


Uniforms not only communicate that a person is present but who the person is. In the manufacturing industry, it is vital to be able to identify different people’s positions by their uniforms. By one look, anyone can know if he is a production worker, assembler, tester, manager, etc. 


There is more to safety than visibility. Safety needs can require a worker to wear specific garments such as coveralls, vests, long-sleeved shirts, and lab coats. Personal protection equipment (PPE) like goggles, hard hats, and gloves may also be necessary. Lord Baltimore Uniform is a reliable supplier of these items and flame-retardant garments.


Comfort is also key to staying safe and thriving on the worksite. Two factors that affect comfort are the material and the fit. Uniforms should be durable but breathable, and in the winter, extra garments of a suitable material should be utilized. Meanwhile, Lord Baltimore Uniform can help your workers get the perfect fit.


The manufacturing industry can involve much dust and dirt, but keeping clean every day of every week is a part of doing a great job. Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental provides exceptional, local uniform laundering services for manufacturing industry uniforms, taking care to repair and replace each garment as needed. Pickup and delivery are on us! We keep track of every individual’s uniforms with heat-sealed labels and keep weekly invoices simple and clear. You will know exactly who is getting what laundered. We also provide tailored manufacturing industry uniforms, so you can make Lord Baltimore Uniform your one-stop-shop. 

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