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Why Microfiber Is Still a Great Cleaning Tool

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Do you know about the benefits of microfiber fabrics for cleaning?

Microfiber makes up many fabrics in our lives, from workout clothing to dishtowels. This unique blend and weave is one of the most innovative of our time. Here’s why microfiber is still a great cleaning tool for your business today.

Microfiber Picks Up More Than Traditional Cotton Fibers

What exactly is microfiber? It is a blend of polyester and nylon that forms ultra-fine fibers. These fibers are split multiple times to create a pinwheel-shaped, fine fiber. Woven together, this fabric can trap wet and dry debris far more effectively than fabric made from round cotton fibers. That advantage is why it is far-reaching in the commercial cleaning realm and continues to be a great option today.

Microfiber Has Multiple Cleaning Tool Applications

Microfiber cloth does not have to be merely an all-purpose cleaning tool. Far from it! Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental rents it out in its many forms.

  • Wet mops
  • Dry mops
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Glass and mirror cleaners
  • Overhead cleaners
  • Hardware cleaners
  • Disposable mops for heavy-duty or hazardous cleanups

It is hard to find a cleaning tool application that microfiber can’t fill!

Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental Is the Solution

Over the years, microfiber cleaning products have saved businesses time, money, and energy in cleaning up dust, spills, bacteria, etc. The cleanliness pays off with healthier indoor air quality and happier building occupants. 

At some level, it is impossible to prevent microfiber fabrics from shedding particles during a wash cycle, and commercial microfiber cleaning tools are just one small part of the picture. Granted that the shedding problem occurs most during laundering, Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental has a solution. Leave the microfiber mop and dustcloth cleaning to Lord Baltimore for professional results. 

Trust Your Employee Uniforms to the Professionals at Lord Baltimore

For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided cost-effective uniform rental services throughout the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

To learn more about how employee uniforms can help your business, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore by calling 800-292-1224 or visit We also handle uniform and mat rentals and purchases for restaurants. Additionally, we also sell and rent uniforms, shop towels, fender covers, and mats for the manufacturing and automotive industries.

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