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Why Big Companies Should Support Local Businesses

Why Big Companies Should Support Local Businesses

Smaller, local companies have enormous benefits for large businesses!

Our world may seem more and more connected globally than ever, but the reality is that local communities still matter to a greater degree than people might give them. Your business might be global, national, regional, or state-wide, but your headquarters still put you in a real, physical location with a real, local community. When looking to outsource services, such as sourcing work uniforms and commercial uniform cleaning, there are several reasons that even big companies should support local businesses.

Better Communication

You are more likely to get lost in translation when communicating from far away versus face-to-face. From far away, you might also have to try to reach out to people living in a different time zone, which complicates matters. When working with a local business, you can visit the actual location, meet real people, and see the business at work with your own eyes.

More Flexibility & Scalability

Smaller local businesses are capable of meeting the demands of large corporations and may even be able to offer you more. They offer flexibility to meet your business’s needs and scalability to adjust to your company size. You might also find that they have a larger variety of choices and customizations available. Small businesses can be quick to adjust to your needs, whether small or large.

A Healthier Local Economy

The two points above, communication and quality service, are the main ways a local business could help you. On the other side, big companies supporting local businesses benefits the local economy.

Better-paid local employees can have a better quality of life, and the local business can grow and do even more good for its clients.

Supporting regional small businesses supports local competition, which keeps prices low, encourages better quality services and products, and encourages local businesses to support each other. In the big picture, you will have a more robust local economy; keeping dollars in the local region helps generate its corporate prosperity. 

A Healthier Local Community

Healthier and happier local businesses have more leeway to give back to their local communities through charitable contributions and volunteering efforts. Supporting local businesses can have a tangible, positive impact on the people in the place you call home.

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For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided cost-effective uniform rental services throughout the East Coast, including Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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