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What You Can Expect from Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental

What You Can Expect From Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental

When you hire Lord Baltimore Uniform Renal, we offer high-quality uniforms that fit multiple industries

When you hire Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental, you can expect the best. We’re a locally-owned business that genuinely cares about your customer experience. You shouldn’t hire just any company to keep your employees looking fresh, clean, and professional. It’s a heavy responsibility to assure on-time deliveries, soil and damage-free garments, and follow-ups to ensure customer satisfaction, but that’s what we offer here at Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental. Large firms merely can’t provide the personalized service that you need. Here are five qualities that you can expect from us. 

Uniforms That Fit Your Industry

Each profession is different, requiring different tasks. From business casual attire to uniforms that serve industrial fields to garments ideal for the foodservice industry, we offer various types of high-quality uniforms to suit your profession. From business casual attire to uniforms that serve industrial fields to garments ideal for the foodservice industry, we offer various high-quality uniforms that best suit your profession. 


It won’t take weeks or even days for you to hear back from us. We will return or answer each phone call or inquiry in a timely fashion. When you hire a locally-owned business, responsiveness is a given because we need every account to be satisfied. Each company has needs. Of them, looking professional is very important. We understand the importance of your image and that consistently looking good every day is what separates the professionals from the amateurs.

Fresh Uniforms

A clean fresh uniform is more important than ever before. Projecting an image of cleanliness will give customers and prospects a sense of comfort making it easier for them to do business with you.  Moreover, your employees can look forward to wearing clean uniforms each day, and more importantly, they don’t have to bring their workday home. This benefit matters when you have a family at home and you work hard all day. The health and wellbeing of employees are important to every business because, without our employees, we could not take care of our customers effectively.  And in many cases, our employees are like family to us.

More Than Just Uniforms

We also offer more than uniforms. We have the products that you need to keep your business clean. From paper products to microfiber cleaning products and dust mats, if your goal is to keep dust and dirt away and improve hygienic practices at the forefront, we have you covered. 

Almost 100 Years of Service

Since 1922, we’ve been servicing businesses throughout the East Coast. Our longevity and excellent customer service are incomparable. If you’re interested in learning more about uniform rental benefits, reach out to us today. We can offer you these five qualities and so much more!

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