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Uniform Rental in HarrisburgHarrisburg, Pennsylvania – located at the intersection of Interstate 81 and Interstate 83 and just north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike – is home to a wide range of industries, from trucking and transportation and  fitness to healthcare and so much more. So many different industries and so many different businesses, but each has one thing in common: pride.

Business owners have a sense of pride about what they do, a sense of pride they hope trickles down to their employees. However, pride is a tricky thing. It is not something that is inherently noticeable to the outside world. So how do you convey this sense of pride to your current and potential customers? You dress the part, that’s how.

A sense of pride in how you do your job is reflected in a sense of pride about how you and your employees look. If you are a professional and an expert at what you do, let people know by looking the part. Let them assume that you are the expert that you look like. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to ensure your employees look their best is to outfit them with uniforms.

Uniforms not only help make your employees easily recognizable, but a fresh, clean uniform gives potential customer and clients the impression that you are a professional, an expert in your field, and someone who can be trusted with their business. A fresh, clean uniform is an outward display of the pride you take in your work, a pride you have for your business. But how do you ensure that these uniforms remain in good shape and are cleaned regularly?

If you rely on your employees to clean their own uniforms, there is no guarantee they will. So you have two options. You can purchase washers and dryers and pay an employee to clean those uniforms or you can choose to rent uniforms from a reputable company, like Lord Baltimore Uniform.

Lord Baltimore Uniform: Uniform Rental in Harrisburg

Lord Baltimore Uniform provides uniform rental services throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Delaware, and, of course Southern Pennsylvania. For a flat, weekly fee, Lord Baltimore will handle everything, from pickup and delivery to cleaning and repairs. It couldn’t be any easier or more convenient.

Just like you, Lord Baltimore takes pride in the work we do. This pride is reflected in the way we handle each and every one of our clients. We put you, your company, and your needs first! We promise to provide intimate, customer-driven service at a competitive price, ensuring your employees look their best, your budget doesn’t suffer, and you remain satisfied.

But don’t take our word for it. Our satisfied clients say more than we ever could ourselves. In fact, last year our customer retention was an incredible 96%. So why would you call anyone else?

If you have any questions about Uniform Rental in Harrisburg, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore Uniform at 800-292-1224 or visit You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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