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Private School Sanitation: A Reputation for Cleanliness

Private schools are an amazing opportunity for students to receive a quality education, and work towards a successful future. They have a reputation for being the best in many areas, including instruction, clubs and organizations, grades, and of course, school sanitation. When people think of private schools, they think of a clean, well-maintained property where happy students learn.

school sanitation cleaning solutions

Private school sanitation cleaning solutions are an important consideration.

Cleaning solutions for private schools aren’t easy. With constant occupation from staff and students and a lot of ground to cover, a good school sanitation system is important. Is your private school sanitation up to par with the private schools’ reputation for cleanliness? Here are some cleaning solutions to consider:

Dirt and Bacteria Control

There are two main focuses for controlling dirt and bacteria on school property:

  • Stopping most of the dirt and bacteria before it enters the building
  • Removing the dirt and bacteria that does make it in

The more dirt and bacteria you trap before it can enter the building, the better your control is over what does make it in. A good and affordable means of picking up bacteria and dirt before it enters the building is the use of mats, like walk off mats and scraper mats. Modern designs are attractive and blend in, and newer mat capabilities allow for superior school sanitation.

The Stuff that Sneaks In

For the dirt and bacteria that does make it by, a combination of clean wet mops and dust mops can handle that with ease. Making sure these mops are clean is important, however, or else dirt and bacteria is just pushed around rather than eliminated. Using mops with special cleaning solution applications, such as microfiber, use newer technology to clean better, faster.

Being thorough with school sanitation will ensure less faculty and pupils become ill, and it upholds the clean, presentable reputation of the school. Few people are well-informed on the best cleaning solutions for control and elimination of dirt and bacteria, but staying up-to-date with products and knowledge can help in many ways.

Ask Lord Baltimore about Private School Sanitation Solutions

For over forty years, Lord Baltimore has provided reliable, cost-effective private school sanitation cleaning solutions throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

We are an independently owned company that is confident in our ability to provide you with service above and beyond industry standards.

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To learn more about how school sanitation and cleaning solutions are top priorities for high-traffic places such as private schools, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore by calling 800-292-1224.

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