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Customer Service in Fitness Industry Measured by Health Club Amenities

It is imperative for health and fitness centers to maintain a superior level of customer service, because the gym is where people go to relieve stress: it should never be a source of added worry. Of course, as a health and fitness center, eliminating all the tensions and anxieties of your members is a nearly impossible endeavor, but there are several key steps to follow to ensure that they feel as comfortable in your facility as possible. It’s the simple amenities—towels, lockers, hand soap, etc.—that make a world of difference.

The fitness industry has become exceedingly competitive over the years, with more and more state-of-the-art gyms that offer affordable memberships making their mark in shopping centers and communities nationwide. Because of this, even the smallest feature offered by a health club can be the sole determinant of a potential member’s decision between one facility and another. Gym members expect certain amenities to come standard, especially a nice, clean towel after a rigorous workout session.

It may seem like a significant investment to offer readily available towels to your members, but there’s an affordable and low-maintenance way to approach the matter: by sourcing your towels from a full-service rental company like Lord Baltimore Uniform. Eliminate the need for additional employees, expensive industrial-sized washers and dryers, laundry supplies, and the cost of buying and replacing towels.

Let Lord Baltimore Uniform make towel service a clean process for you by allowing us to take care of your dirty work. We’ll supply, wash, fold, and deliver your bath towels so your customers can shower or simply dry after breaking a sweat on your center’s cutting-edge equipment. It’ll certainly make their lives more convenient, preventing them from having to haul around a bulky towel of their own and bring a wet one back home with them. And if you have a pool, sauna, or spa onsite, offering towels is an added perk that will aid in client relaxation by preventing them from having to worry about remembering what to pack beforehand.

We would also suggest that you consider making our work-out towels accessible to members so they can wipe their face and hands or wipe off equipment before using it, giving members a sense of comfort about the cleanliness of your equipment. Whatever you decide to use your towels for, one thing’s for certain: the advantageous arrangement will attract new clients and keep the dedicated customers you already service pleased.

If you have questions about towel rental service, please contact Joe Bateman at Lord Baltimore Uniform & Linen Rental at 1-800-292-1224 or visit our website.

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